Coding on the Cloud

Jan 12, 2011

A couple weeks ago I wrote about my experience using the Cr-48 for a week. The conclusion was that the Cr-48 was not ready for John the programmer, but could potentially be the main platform for John the student. This wasn't because of ChromeOS, but it was due to the lack of third party software for developers, namely an integrated development environment. In my search for a cloud IDE I stumbled across Mozilla Skywriter (formally known as Bespin), Kodingen, and Cloud9IDE. Although Kodingen seems to be the most advanced, its not opensource. Skywriter is pretty freaking awesome, and I am super excited that Skywriter and Cloud9IDE have teamed up to bring coding to the cloud.

Earlier today @cloud9ide announced a closed beta, with Cr-48 users having preference. I immediately took advantage of the opportunity and signed up. An hour later, my account was approved and I was coding on the cloud.

The layout looks like a typical IDE, it offers syntax highlight for JavaScript, CoffeeScript, CSS, (X)HTML, XML, Python, and PHP. It comes bundled with several different themes, a built in JavaScript debugger, a command line interface, and full support for git. It also appears to work with node.js, a technology I have yet to fully explore.

The motto is "A JavaScript IDE for JavaScripters by JavaScripters," which is great, but I'm PHPer. I would love to see support for pushing files to my server/private cloud using ftp/sftp rather than my public GitHub repository.

This project looks very promising, and I look forward to watching the continual development of Cloud9IDE. Keep up the good work guys.